1. epicroll:

    Meet the iconics: Zadim the Slayer \m/

    Zadim, the so-called “Shadow of Sarenrae,” travels the lands of the Inner Sea as an associate of Sarenrae’s church, providing deadly solutions to problems the religion cannot resolve through diplomacy and forgiveness.

    I’ll take two, please. This kind of backstory is exceptional, and the way it connects with the other iconics in the world is exciting.

    In my own games, I try to write things so that the players will meet or re-meet someone from their past during the story or during a fight of some kind. Glad to see this happening in Zadim’s past too.

    - Mathew out!


  2. I wish my boy Draven was in the video more, but the personality he exudes more than makes up for it. 


    well,shit happens leona

    What woulda been absolutely perfect is if right at the end, Draven’s ult blew through the jungle and killed both Leona and Ahri, originating from the summoning fountain.

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  3. The Huion 610 Pro tablet arrived at my place yesterday and it works like a dream - mostly. You know those dreams where you’re flying or you’re fantastically wealthy but there are small things that keep bugging you? Like maybe you need to recharge your flying powers, or you’re being audited for all that money?

    The 610 Pro is exactly like that. It works like dream but it’s missing a key feature for me: a lefty flip. The physical buttons (which are exactly what I’ve been looking for) work like a dream but are on the left side of the surface.

    In the past, I’ve just been able to flip the tablet over, invert the setting on the computer and keep going. The Huion 610 Pro doesn’t have the ability to flip it around.

    If that was there I would give it a 9/10 easily (loses a point because the pen feels a bit too plasticky). The price is amazing, it’s a great size, and the buttons work like a charm. Without that, I’ve had to draw and curl my arm around the whole thing to hit undo, etc.

    I’ve looked online for comments about it or something I’m missing and it looks like others are suffering from the same affliction.

    If you know of something I’m missing or a workaround, let me know, ok? You’d make my life super mega awesome!


  4. I love the cute little bus shelters DOTA2 players compete in.


  5. gamesdayblog:

    Riot has put out a new League of Legends trailer and it’s freaking glorious. So much action, great animation. And it includes the main man, Draven. You gotta watch this and pass it on!


  6. gamesdayblog:

    History lesson! All of Nintendo’s controllers in one handy gif!


  7. gwarnsolo:

    Here’s some Gigantic Gameplay! this game is looking great! Who’s signed up for the alpha!?

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  8. gamesdayblog:

    Go Gigantic!

    This trailer for the upcoming game Gigantic looks amazing. From the developers:

    A team action game where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy. Join the fight and be one of the first to try Gigantic!

    Can’t wait for this to come out to give it a try!


  9. Because I’m Happy

    Listened to 's happy 15x on the way to work, singing super loudly with the kids. Can't nothing bring me down today!


  10. These are actual maps from today’s Pathfinder game. The first two are the first and fifth floor of a guard tower. The open edges on the 5th floor are actually balconies.

    The second map (the second images are the same image, the one on the right is it in use) is a dead ends alley the PCs’ wagon was tricked into entering. The battlemat is street-level and the raised platforms are first storey balconies that jerks were attacking from. The platforms on the middle are a wagon and the brown rectangles are Minecraft-style horses. There are alleys on the sides for more bad guys to enter the scene if need be

    The final room is a half destroyed cathedral. The “open” areas are difficult terrain pulled high with bodies of sacrificed people. This is where the boss monster fight was fought.

    Just wanted to share some in-game assets from today! We’re using Dwarven Forge game tiles. Getting creative with them, esp with the raised terrain, was lots of fun to work out.

    - Mathew out!